How To Make Money On TikTok Without The Creator Rewards Program

Since TikTok introduced the TikTok Creator Rewards Program in 2023, it has been the number one source of revenue on the app, but getting into the TikTok Creator Fund doesn’t come easy. It requires 10,000 followers on your account as well as 100,000 views in the past 30 days. Even worse, its limited to only a few countries currently, so if you’re in Asia, Africa and most European countries, you’re out of luck. But don’t fear, in this article we’re going to run through 3 ways of making money on TikTok even without the TikTok Creator Rewards Program.

Promote Products from the TikTok Creator Shop

The TikTok Creator Shop is TikTok’s affiliate marketing tool which allows its creators to promote products on their videos and make a commision when an item is sold via their link. This allows creators on TikTok to make money without being in the TikTok Creator Rewards Program.

Like the TikTok Creator Rewards Program, the TikTok Creator Shop does have some eligibility criteria to meet before you can start promoting products and earning money. There are:

  • Have 1,000 TikTok Followers
  • Be 18 Years Old
  • Post A Video To Tiktok Within The Past 28 Days

These are obviously a lot easier to meet compared to the 10,000 followers required for the Creator Fund.

The basic runthrough of how to use the TikTok Creator Shop to make money is to find a product you want to promote, buy the product or find other peoples videos promoting that product, post a video and add that product link to the video. That way when people see the product in the video and they want to buy it, they can find the link straight away and if they do decide to purchase it, you get a commision.

Promote and Sell Products through the Link in your Bio

One of the most popular online “Side Hustles” is Print-on-Demand where you create a design, stick it on a mug or t-shirt, stick it on Etsy and use a Print-on-Demand service to fulfill the orders, meaning you never have to handle stock yourself. TikTok is a great tool to use in order to promote and sell your products.

Again, you need at least 1,000 TikTok followers to do this since it requires putting a link in your TikTok bio so people can easily find your products. Unless they really, really want it, they aren’t going to go onto Google and go through the hassle of searching for it, so having the link to your store or product in your bio is going to get you a lot more customers.

A great example of this is with the TikTok page ArtifyAmsterdam. Their niche is Retro/Nostalgia using AI generated images to generate engagement, which they also sell in the form of posters on Etsy.

As you can see from the screenshots above, they focus heavily on the Nostalgia niche, only post Slideshows and always include their product on the last slide. Customers can then find their products through the link in their bio which then takes them to their Etsy store.

Their Etsy store picture above shows they have made over 200 sales of their products, with the average cost being just under £30. Thats over £6800 in sales! Obviously you would have to factor in the cost of creating the products, maybe they have a monthly subscription to an AI image generator like Midjourney, Etsy’s cut from the earnings and the cost to run the Print-on-Demand service but they should still be earning a decent amount from this.

Receive Gifts when Livestreaming

Going live on TikTok is a great way to build a community, engage with fans and have fun, but it’s also a good way of making some money when you aren’t in the TikTok Creator Rewards Program. Like the above suggestions, you also need 1,000 followers to be able to go live.

When going live on TikTok, viewers of your livestream can interact, write comments and also send gifts. These gifts cost the viewer real money to buy, and when they send them to you, you in turn receive money for that gift. TikTok takes a cut of the amount but it could still be a way to earn some extra money.

A recent trend of TikTokers going live are people who pretend to be a NPC and when they receive a gift they act out an action, which is repeated as many times as they receive the gifts. This makes for sometimes awkward and sometimes funny content, which often takes place in a random city street, such as Harrison NPC.

While the Creativity Program Beta offers a tempting path to monetise your content, it’s important to remember that it’s not the only road to success on TikTok. As you’ve seen, numerous alternative avenues exist for generating income, each with its own set of requirements and strategies. Whether you choose to leverage the TikTok Creator Shop, promote your own products via bio links, or explore the world of live streaming with gifts, remember to prioritise quality content and audience engagement. By staying authentic, creative, and consistent in your approach, you can unlock income potential on TikTok, regardless of your access to the Creator Rewards Program.

Frequently Asked Questions about Making Money on TikTok without the Creator Fund:

1. Do I need a lot of followers to make money on TikTok?

While having a significant following can certainly open up more opportunities, some methods like promoting products through the Creator Shop or your bio link only require 1,000 followers.

2. What are some popular niches for making money on TikTok?

There are countless successful niches on TikTok, but some popular ones include comedy, music, dance, lifestyle, DIY, and educational content. Focus on something you’re passionate about and where you can build a strong community.

3. How much money can I realistically make on TikTok?

The amount of money you can earn varies greatly depending on your chosen methods, dedication, and overall reach. It’s important to approach any income generation strategy with realistic expectations and a focus on long-term growth.

4. What are some essential tips for success on TikTok?

Consistency is key! Regularly post high-quality, engaging content that resonates with your target audience. Utilise trending sounds and hashtags, participate in challenges, and actively engage with your followers in the comments section.

5. Are there any risks involved in making money on TikTok?

Be cautious of endorsing products or services that don’t align with your values or haven’t been thoroughly researched. Always maintain transparency with your audience about any sponsored content or affiliate partnerships.