Save Money when Shopping on Etsy with Discount Codes

Etsy is a great marketplace for crafty and personalised products from all around the world. Creative people use it to sell various items that meet lots of different wants and needs and sometimes this can come at a price. So in this post we’re going to talk about how you can save money on Etsy with different Etsy Discount Codes.

Etsy Sales and Discounts

If you’re not a seller on Etsy then you’re probably not aware of some of the features that Etsy stores have. One of those feature is called ‘Sales and Discounts’ and its a marketing tool Etsy store owners can use to try and drive sales from new and old customers.

Etsy sales and discounts has 4 main features:

  • Encourage Bigger Orders – This allows the shop owner to create a discount with a minimum value amount or minimum product purchase amount to help try and drive larger sales.
  • Run a Sale – This is a pretty straightforward feature that allows the store owner to run a sale on products in their store. They can choose different percentages off the listing price of products for specific items or store wide.
  • Create a Promo Code – This is a way to give customers a chance to save money when buying from a store by giving them an Etsy Discount Code. It can be a custom code the store owner can share however they like and can last for as long as they want it to last.
  • Targeted Offers – This is a feature that allows store owners to give offers to customers who have interacted with the store before, such as previous customers who have made a purchase, people who have abandoned their baskets with a product in it and people who have favourited an item from a store.

So now we’ve ran through what sort of discounts are available Etsy we can talk about how we can use each one to save money when shopping on Etsy.

Bigger Orders

As explained above, this is a way store owners try to get customers to spend more money placing bigger orders. So the more you spend the bigger discount you get, which is quite self explanatory. Theres not much you need to do to use this discount, as the store will display this information on the store page or in the checkout page, so you may just need to check to that.

Etsy Sales

Etsy store owners can run a sale on the store offering savings on prices of products. It will be clear if an item is on sale because it will display an original price and then a sales price next to it in green. This is quite clear to see but a trick store owners use is putting the original price higher than what they actually want for the product and then using the sale price as the price they actually want so they are still getting the amount they want but the customer believes they are getting a cut-price deal.

Etsy Discount Code

Etsy store owners can create their own promotional discount codes that customers can use to get money off their purchase prices. The discount amounts can vary depending on the choices the store owners make, but most usually do a 5%, 10% or 20% discount on their codes. The codes can also be done with an order minimum so you might have to order a certain number of items for it to be valid and it could also have an expiry date. A custom Etsy Discount Code can be anything the store owner chooses, but most people are lazy so I suspect a fair few people are offering 20% off with the promo code SAVE20 as this is the example that the page shows when you are creating a code, so it might be worth trying this when making purchases.

Targeted Offers

As mentioned in the list above, stores on Etsy have the ability to give customers targeted offers when they interact with a store. From Thank You discount codes after making a purchase, Abandoned Basket Discount Codes and Favourited Item discount codes, theres a big possibility of saving money. Now the default Etsy Discount Code for a ‘Thank You’ saving is just THANKYOU so it might be worth trying this out. The default Etsy Discount Code for abandoned baskets (where you add to a basket and leave) is COMEBACK. And for favouriting an item for sale the default Etsy Discount Code is YOURFAVE. Just because these are the default promotional codes doesn’t mean they work, but they’re worth trying when making a purchase.

You could also just interact with a store or product you want to see if the store has any of these offers in place. By adding an item to your basket and then leaving the website/app should trigger you to receive an email with a discount code. You could also just favourite an item and then wait a day or two to see if you get an offer.

Etsy Discount Codes

Below are the default or suggest discount codes store owners are shown when creating offers so it is worth trying them out when making a purchase:

  • SAVE20
  • SAVE10

Other things you can do to try and save money:

  • Favourite an item and then wait for promo code email
  • Add item to basket and then leave, wait for promo code email
  • Buy cheaper item from same store and wait for promo code email

None of these are guarenteed to work but they are worth a try to see if you can save money whilst shopping on Etsy. Happy Shopping!